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Evony APK Download Android Latest Version 4.58.1

Evony is a captivating real-time strategy massive multiplayer online game (MMO) that brings together the excitement of building expansive empires with the challenge of intricate puzzles😍. Designed for Android devices📱, Evony’s popularity has soared due to its unique fusion of strategic gameplay and mind-bending puzzles🧩. Players are tasked with choosing one of seven civilizations, each influencing architectural style, troop composition, and the overall character of their evolving kingdom. Players construct and upgrade various structures from humble beginnings, accumulating crucial resources for expansion.

Completing quests adds purpose to the journey, rewarding 🎁players with valuable resources and experience points (XP). Evony balances empire-building and action💪, encouraging players to conquer new territories while remaining wary of potential threats. The game introduces skill👨‍🎓 development and abstract upgrades, fostering a strategic ✊approach to advancement.

Mini-games and puzzles🧩 provide breaks from the challenges🤨, offering not only entertainment🤩 but also valuable rewards🎁. Forming alliances with other players enhances the social aspect, allowing for resource-sharing and cooperative gameplay. Evony redefines the MMO genre on Android📱 by blending conquest, intricate puzzles🧩, and social 👍dynamics into an immersive gaming experience.

Name Evony APK
Oct 18, 2023
PRICE Download Free
Updated on
Oct 18, 2023
100,000,000+ downloads
Offered by
TG Inc.
Requirements 5.0 and up

What is Evony APK

Evony APK is an Android 📱 game 🎮 that combines real-time strategy and puzzle-solving 🧩. Players engage in empire-building 🤴, constructing cities 🏙, training troops, and expanding their territories. With a choice of seven civilizations, each influencing the kingdom’s aesthetics and troops, players can personalize their experience. Engaging in quests provides resources and experience points, advancing their empire🛕 .

Deploying troops to conquer new lands yields rewards, while alliances with other players facilitate resource-sharing and cooperation. The game 🎮 introduces strategic skill development and entertaining mini-games, like the “pull the pin” puzzle 🧩. Evony APK offers an interactive and dynamic gaming experience, allowing players to develop their empires and engage with fellow gamers.

Choosing Your Path

As you launch Evony on your Android 📱 device, an exciting choice awaits: selecting one of seven distinctive civilizations to shape the identity of your kingdom. Will you adopt the elegance of the Chinese, the resilience of the Russians, or another culture? This choice extends beyond aesthetics, influencing your evolving empire’s architectural style, troop composition, and overall character.

From Desolation to Dominance

Building an empire 🤴 from scratch is a task of grand proportions, demanding both innovation and expansion. Once you initiate your journey, barren landscapes🛣 beckon to be transformed into bustling cities. As resources accumulate, you can construct a diverse range of buildings🏙, each contributing to the growth of your kingdom. Upgrades are also essential, providing enhanced functionality and experience points (XP) crucial for reaching new heights. Among these structures, farms stand out as vital sources of sustenance for your growing army.

The Quest for Excellence

In Evony, progress is fueled by quests introducing a sense of purpose and achievement 🏆. With every quest you complete, you’re rewarded🥇 not only with valuable resources and XP, pushing you further on your journey. The quests, accessible from the corner of your screen 💻, offer a steady stream of challenges 🤨 that, when conquered, contribute to the advancement of your kingdom. These tasks are key to essential resources, especially food, a cornerstone for a thriving metropolis.

Balancing Act: Empire and Action

Evony delivers an equilibrium between building your empire 🤴 and engaging in riveting action 👊. The allure of uncharted territories invites you to dispatch troops, raise your banner, and claim dominion. Although taking minutes, this process offers a dose of XP and resources to fuel your growth. Beware of lurking monsters and cunning robbers, as they can disrupt your plans.

Skills and Progression

Elevating your kingdom involves more than amassing resources and troops 🙄; it requires honing your talents and embracing abstract upgrades. The dedicated skill menu empowers you to fine-tune specific attributes😎, from swifter production to augmented attack power 😱. This intricate layer of strategy 💪 encourages a dynamic balance between tangible infrastructure, military might, and intangible enhancements.

Puzzles: Challenges and Rewards

Amidst the challenges 💪 of empire-building, Evony interlaces moments of delight through captivating mini-games 🎮 and puzzles🧩. The “pull the pin” puzzle🧩, a fan-favourite, not only entertains but also grants valuable resources and advantages. These engaging diversions enrich your kingdom and provide hours of endless enjoyment.

United We Stand

In Evony, the social 📲 aspect thrives through alliances, fostering camaraderie and resource sharing 🥰 among players. Forming alliances propels cooperative gameplay, empowering players to communicate in real-time via voice and text chat, complete with automatic translations. A strategic alliance selection can expedite the expansion of your kingdom and secure your reign.


Empire-Building Adventure

Embark on an empire-building adventure🗡 in Evony, where you construct cities 🏙, expand territories, and train troops to establish a thriving realm from the ground up.

Seven Unique Civilizations

Experience the diversity of Evony’s gameplay with its selection of seven unique civilizations. Each civilization, including Chinese, Russian, American, European, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean, shapes your kingdom’s visual style, troop composition, and overall strategy💪, offering 😍 a variety of exciting choices for your empire-building 🛕 journey.

Engaging Quests

Embark on engaging quests 😍in Evony, adding purpose and excitement to your empire-building adventure. These quests offer valuable resources and experience points (XP) that propel your growth🥰. By completing a diverse range of tasks, players can unlock rewards🎁, enhance their skills🤓, and contribute to advancing their kingdoms.

Strategic Gameplay

Experience strategic 💪gameplay in Evony as you navigate the delicate balance between empire-building🛕 and action👊. Conquer new territories by deploying troops and raising your banner, all while remaining vigilant against potential threats. This dynamic blend of conquest and decision-making🤔 adds an element of excitement 🤩 and challenge to your quest for dominance.

Skill Development

Hone your strategic 😏 prowess through skill development in Evony. Utilize the dedicated skill menu to enhance specific attributes such as production speed 🚄and attack power. By strategically investing in skill 🤹‍♀️upgrades, you can amplify your kingdom’s🤴 capabilities, optimize your resources, and gain a competitive edge in your journey toward supremacy.

Puzzle Challenges

Challenge yourself with entertaining puzzle games 🎮 in Evony. Engage in activities like the “pull the pin” puzzle🧩 , offering a fun diversion and valuable rewards upon completion. These mini-games 🎮 provide a refreshing break from empire-building 🛕 and strategic 💪 gameplay, adding an element of excitement 😍 and engagement to your overall gaming experience.

Alliance Formation

Forge powerful alliances in Evony to enhance your gaming 🎮experience. Join forces with fellow players ⛹️‍♀️ to share resources, strategies💪, and collaborative efforts. The alliance system fosters a sense of camaraderie, allowing you to work 💼together to achieve common goals. Utilize real-time voice and text chat 🗨to communicate and coordinate effectively, ensuring a united front as you navigate the challenges of empire-building🤴 and conquest.

Social Interaction

Engage in real-time communication through voice 🎤and text 🗨chat in Evony, fostering collaboration and building camaraderie with fellow players. This dynamic feature enables strategic discussions, sharing of insights, and coordinated efforts within your alliance, enhancing your ability to work 💼 together and achieve greatness in the world of empire-building 🤴 and conquest.

Evony APK Mod

Evony APK Mod is a modified version 😀 of the game that offers unique features and enhancements😋 . It provides players additional advantages like unlimited resources🤤, faster progress😮 , and customized gameplay elements. With this mod, players can build 🏗 and expand their empires🗽 swiftly, train 🚝troops more efficiently, and overcome challenges more easily. The modded version often includes premium items and currency without needing in-app purchases. It allows players🏌️‍♀️ to experience the game 🎮 in a different way, accelerating their journey to become the ultimate ruler in the Evony world.


Q: Is Evony available on platforms other than Android?

Yes, Evony is accessible across various platforms, including iOS and PC.

Q: What are the benefits of joining an alliance in Evony?

Joining an alliance fosters resource-sharing, cooperative gameplay, and improved communication with fellow players.

Q: Can I change my civilization choice later in the game?

Once you’ve selected a civilization in Evony, your decision remains fixed for that game session.

Q: Are the mini puzzle games in Evony optional?

While not mandatory, completing mini-puzzle games offers valuable rewards and resources to enhance your gameplay.

Q: Does real-time voice chat support multiple languages?

Evony’s real-time voice chat features automatic translations, enabling seamless communication among players speaking different languages.


Evony is a captivating fusion of empire-building🗽 and strategic 💪 gameplay within the Android 📱 gaming landscape. Through the selection of civilizations 🏙 , construction 🏗 of cities, and formation of alliances, players embark on a dynamic journey 😤 to become the ultimate ruler🤴 . Engaging quests, skill development, and puzzle 🧩 challenges add depth to the experience, while real-time communication 🗨 fosters camaraderie and collaboration among players. Evony’s innovative blend of conquest, puzzle-solving, and social interaction 📲redefines the MMO genre, offering an thrilling adventure that keeps players 🏌️‍♀️ engaged and entertained for hours on end.


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